Hello 2014!

So I'm a few weeks late. Hey 2014, how's it goin? This week was really the first full working week for me in the new year. Which I'm super happy about because it's been a cruel, cruel winter! As freelancers we are always chasing paychecks and learning to be fantastic with our personal budgets. Not so fun stuff. So needless to say I was oh-so-excited to do some in-store freelancing for a cosmetics brand, spend an afternoon with CEOs grooming them for corporate headshots, and work on two different lookbooks. Fun stuff! All in the last week. That's how this life goes. One week you're up. One week you're...watching a lot of Law & Order: SVU and taking too many photos of your cat.

As my inbox fills up with bridal requests, I'm reminded of how much I love Spring/Summer/Fall specifically because it's WEDDING SEASON! I love all the various paths I travel as a makeup artist, but few give me as much joy as getting to know a bride-to-be and helping her look and feel fantastic on that special day. On that note, I introduce you to one of my beautiful clients from 2013. Liz contacted me early in the year from the west coast, wanting to work with me for her & Tim's Brooklyn wedding later in the year. We met for a trial run when she was in town on vacation/doing wedding planning, and then she headed back to California where she lives. When I saw her again on her wedding day here in New York, she was even more radiant than when we first met. I really do get the best clients and am so lucky to get to share these moments in people's lives.


Photography courtesy of Monica Valenzuela of Hart and Sol Photo East.