Happy Halloween! A Last Minute Costume with Hair and Makeup!

There are two kinds of people when it comes to dressing up for Halloween. Those who plan their costume ahead of time, and those who wait until the last minute and then panic. I used to be the former. Now I am the latter. I don't know what happened. I tend to just lean on makeup to be my costume if I do anything at all. 

If you follow Opening Ceremony's blog, you probably saw their post called "Hairstyle File: Get Your Freak On With Bumble and Bumble." I got to work on this super fun shoot over at the Bumble and Bumble salon/studio/university/mecca/palace/wonderland here in NYC and add some complimenting makeup looks to hairstylist Misha Golebiewski awesome your-hair-can-be-your-costume styles. Last minute costume? No problem. Opening Ceremony and Bumble and Bumble have you covered. The Bride of Frankenstein look is calling my name. Head to their blog to see all the juicy details and how to create these looks yourself.