Here I Am. Rock You Like a Hurricane.

An introductory blog post is a lot harder than making a first impression in person. Can I even call out my blog in my blog post? I can't rely on batting my lashes at you, or mesmerizing you with my current favorite shade of hot pink lipstick. All I have are my words. And a photo or two. 


Image courtesy of Tangerine Tree Photography.

I've toyed with the idea of starting a blog for a while now. And have been moved to do so at the urging of some really great friends who believe in me. My first excuse was that no one would care. But then I realized I can't focus on that. We have to do something because we love it, and it gives us joy. Not because of what others think. I should just put it out there, and see what happens. Then my next excuse was that I couldn't think of a name. It needed to be vague, yet focused. Cute, but not cliched. Then I thought oh hell just go with your first instinct! 

Then comes the problem of, just what the heck do I write about?

The answer? Everything.

I find inspiration and beauty in daily life. I am a lover of love. A friend of friends. An admirer of beauty in all of its shapes and forms. And so much more! This space is for me to share my inspirations with you, as well as show you some behind-the-scenes of what I do, what makes me tick, and things I just plain love! Welcome, and enjoy!