Makeup Monday: IMATS LA 2011

This post is a little late to still count for Monday. But I make the rules around here! Today was filled with business for me. I feel like in the past few days I have had an influx of emails from nothing but wonderful brides-to-be, inquiring about my services. I couldn't be happier! Let me tell you. As a freelancer in any industry, there are stagnant times where you start to question yourself and wonder if you're crazy to throw yourself out there like we all do. And then, all at once, potential clients come out of what seems like no where, and all is right in the world again. I've booked a bride for August I am so excited for, and we haven't even met yet! Plus I will have the pleasure of working with some friends for their weddings in the coming months also. Being a part of someone's wedding day is so special. I love celebrating love!

In order to stay on top of my makeup game for what's on the market, and what's on the runways, I have various resources. But nothing is better than meeting the best artists out there, learning from them, and connecting face to face with the brands that I use on my clients. Instead of talking about products today, I want to fill you in on where I will be in a few weeks. The International Make-up Artist Tradeshow (IMATS) takes place on June 25th and 26th this year in Los Angeles. It's a weekend filled with the best professional brands and top artists in the world, all at your fingertips. I will be shopping for new goodies for my kit, and participating in workshops from the best makeup artists in the industry. I have always wanted to go, and have always had to work during the weekend it fell on. Well this year I am making it happen.

I can't wait to share my experience with you guys. I will be taking tons of photos, notes during classes, and trying (and buying) all sorts of amazing products. Stay tuned at the end of the month for the wrap up on IMATS.

Photos: 1,2-4