eBay Adventures

So things have slowed down a bit for me with freelance work. So it goes. July was totally crazy, rounding out with a very busy bridal weekend in early August. I've been getting prepped for the big move however, and that itself is pretty exhausting. 

When you start going through your things, you realize just how much you accumulate that really means nothing to you. But it's also a good time to donate or sell all those things. What have I learned? That I owned a lot of black clothes. And that nearly everything I "collected" as a child isn't worth it's weight in lima beans. Do I keep all these brand-new-in-box special edition Barbies that I don't really have room for, or sell them for eight bucks a pop on eBay? 

So anyway, I've talked before about how fun it can be to stumble upon second-hand gold at thift stores. But the time has come to let go of some things I have found that just don't work for me. With a lesson from my wonderful boyfriend who is a seasoned eBay veteran, I have officially listed my first items on the online market. I've purchased before, so why not sell? I'm starting with vintage cowboy boots and Jeffrey Campbell 99 Wedges. 

Bid on them here.


Also, I'm working on a serious A La Mused makeover. No more bare-bones blogging for me. The photo above are actually the boots I have listed on Ebay, but I thought I'd spruce it up in photoshop with some of my new goodies and tricks that I've been playing with during the blog makeover process. I'm hoping to have it finished by the weekend!