Things I Love Thursday

With the big move just over a month and a half away, I am in serious purge & organize mode. I get these second winds when I should be tucking into bed, but instead I just want to bust out the paper shredder and garbage bags and get to trashing! I definitely did round one of that last week. A friend of mine was kind enough to let me take heaps of moving boxes off her hands, as she and her family just moved into a new place here in town. I can't wait to fill them up and get organized. Also over the weekend, I wrapped up a couple of great weddings, and put the finishing touches on maternity photos for my friend and took them to her baby shower. So I've been a little distracted from blogging in the last week, but assuming the mailman has some goodies for me in the next week or so, I will have some fun things to share with you soon! And I promise tomorrow you get to see a little bit of how I get around with my makeup kit, and how much easier it's gotten since I made my favorite purchase of the year back at IMATS. I was hoping a certain something would be coming in the mail before I posted about my kit, but it hasn't. So I'll give it one more day just in case.


Mason jar color wash project success after multiple failed jars!!

Things making me smile lately:

Finally getting off my rear and experimenting with DIY projects I've had on my list for a while (I can't wait to decorate in our new place). Being coupon savvy and not having paid full price for nearly everything I have purchased in the last week (including but not limited to 40% off spray paint, half price groceries, thrift store student discounts, and Six Flags yesterday). Cooking things I have otherwise just been too lazy to try out (Kale chips, I'm looking at you). Cheap, neon nail polish. Planning a garage sale, and a going away get-together. Finding a stash of greeting cards from my late great-grandmother, and having a good cry over how amazing she was and how lucky I am to have had such an inspiring and intelligent woman to look up to (her words from nearly 10 years ago still remind me to be strong and follow my dreams). 

Apartment Therapy has been on a moving kick lately, and it couldn't be more appropriate for me these days (I read about an app to "inventory" each box with a scannable QR code? Be still my heart! So what if I don't want to use a sharpie and do it the easy way!). And last but not least, spending quality time with my little sister while I'm still on this side of the country. 


Me and the sis, on a train to Seattle with mom, 1998.


Me and the sis, on a trip to St. Louis and Springfield with mom earlier this year.