Makeup Monday - Lip Service: Conquering Red, Part 2

Last Monday I talked to you about how to find the right red lipstickToday I'm going to show you how to put it on like a pro. I always said to myself that I would never do video tutorials. There's even something about the word "tutorial" that really bugs me. But I'll let you in on a little secret, I first tried to make a bold lip step-by-step for you months ago. But the photos all looked super dorky, posed, and honestly would have taken way too many to show you what I wanted anyway. So I deleted them all, and promised to revisit the topic again some time. Which I did, in a different way, last week.


Late last week, I set out to taking photos of how to apply a bold lip again. And once more, I was displeased with the results. Am I really this much of a dweeb? Yes. But then I remembered how much I love showing people bits of what I know as a professional, so that they can feel empowered with makeup in their daily lives.

Saturday was my almost-sixteen-year-old sister's homecoming dance. And for the first time, we don't live in the same city.

I wasn't there to do her makeup.

It crushed me. She's great with her makeup, but I always spoil her for special occasions and try to make her feel like a movie star. I talked to my mom via FaceTime, and she said my sister was looking on YouTube for ideas for her makeup. Crushed again. I cried. How could I let her down like this?

So I thought, if my sister called me and wanted to know how to apply a bold lip, what would I show her?

Certainly not dorky, hard-to-explain photos.

So I made a video. A dorky, step-by-step video. Gather your supplies. Everything I do here will ensure a long lasting bold lip. The first step I show you creates a blank canvas of sorts, and also helps build a barrier to keep lips from bleeding. I skip it when I'm feeling lazy, and just start in with lining. But adapt things as you wish! Alright, just start watching. Enjoy!