Paige & Kyle's Wedding

I often find that when I get home from a day of doing makeup for one of my wonderful brides and her wedding party, it's like "where did the day go?" It's a whirlwind to say the least. Here's how it tends to happen:

  • Wake up.
  • Double check kit, make sure I have everything I need.
  • Plug my destination into my phone for accurate, current directions.
  • Pull up reference photos and breakdown of my bride's look on the iPad.
  • Triple check kit (and still forget something as silly as tissue, always).
  • Hit the road, usually grabbing a coffee along the way.
  • Sing in the car, thinking how lucky I am to do this for a living.
  • Arrive, figure out where to park.
  • Walk in to the lobby, guesthouse, grandma's living room, or wherever the bride and her gals are getting ready.
  • Set up my station while chatting with everyone.
  • Marvel at the sheer joy and excitement that fills the room, every. single. time.
  • Look at my timeline to see who is first, and start the first makeup.
  • Everything after this is a complete blur! No kidding! All of a sudden, the bride's dressed and everyone is rushing out the door. And I'm back in my car driving home.

Sometimes I get to see photos of the big day and my beautiful clients. Sometimes I don't. And sometimes, just sometimes, I am lucky enough to witness the magic of my clients wedding day, as seen through the eyes of other creative & talented vendors.

I could write about Paige & Kyle. Or I could just show you. I've actually had this post in draft form for over a month now, but I've been gone. So on the heels of this event being featured on Green Wedding Shoes, I figured it was time to finally share. Studio Castillero of San Diego, CA captured this day at Condor's Nest Ranch in Pala, CA. There's a saying that every picture tells a story... so as if their still images weren't enough to tell this story, Crafthouse Productions of New York City created a beautiful film to capture their day in all its glory. I have no qualms about telling you that these made my eyes a little misty. And it reminded me that even though working through a whirlwind of a wedding day can seem like a blur, it's really important to stop and take it all in. I am so lucky to be a part of such a beautiful day in my clients lives.


Please visit Studio Castillero's blog and the Green Wedding Shoes feature to see even more photos of this magical day, and more information about Crafthouse Productions can be found here.