What's In My Kit? Take a Peek with Pinterest...

A few weeks ago, I sat back and jotted down some ideas for blog posts. I was feeling uninspired and unmotivated. Hence my silence for a while there. So I looked to good old-fashioned brainstorming on paper. I looked at my list, and while some are definitely ideas that will show up here in the coming months, some were so vague I didn't know where to even start.

I'm sure many of you turn to the internet to look for inspiration just like I do. I am constantly reading blogs and pinning things to my boards on Pinterest to keep track of everything. Fashion, hair style ideas, home decor, etc. I've been using Pinterest for a long time now, and am so happy to see it growing in popularity. It's so community based, and I love seeing what inspires my friends and fellow artists on there.

It finally donned on me that it would be a great place share what products are in my kit and why I love them! And I am finally getting around to setting this particular board up.


So check out my "What's In My Kit?" board, and take a peek inside my makeup kit to see what I am using on my clients, and why I love these products. And if you are not already using Pinterest, what are you waiting for?!