Lately Loving...Dry Shampoo!

So yeah. Dry shampoo. Not a new thing. I've tried more brands than I can count. Some I've used up completely, some I've returned, and some I've wondered how they are even able to market it as dry shampoo. Like, what is this even that I'm spraying in my bangs? All I want is to not wash my hair. Is that too much to ask?

Summer is here and a more sensible forehead-fringed gal might think, "Maybe it's time to pin these babies back. They're just not practical for humid New York summer days! See ya in September, bangs!" But not I. My bangs are my thing! So you can imagine my horror one hurried morning when I threw my hair up, grabbed my dry shampoo, directed the nozzle at my fringe and pressed down. EMPTY! 

I dumped some RCMA No Color Loose Powder at the roots (perfect in a pinch, and no powdery smell!), brushed through, and ran out the door. I popped into a drugstore at some point that day and they literally had one can of dry shampoo. One brand. One. And it was one I had never used. Desperate times call for desperate measures. I didn't have time to run around Brooklyn tracking down any of the "okay" brands I've used. So I took a chance. 


photo 2.JPG

I now present you with my new favorite: Dove Invigorating Dry Shampoo. Call it fate. Call it destiny. Call it what you will. I was meant to run out of whatever I had been using and walk right into the one drugstore in the one neighborhood where it seems everyone washes their hair regularly. I mean, who are these people? They don't have a need for dry shampoo? This lone can was meant to be mine. 

photo 1.JPG

It's seriously the first time I've used a dry shampoo and felt like we're instant best friends. You don't need much at all. Just a spray or two. Some others I've used, I feel like I have to spray half the can to see a difference. Not this one. The powdery residue brushes through instantly.  No more George Washington powdered-wig business going on. It smells super fresh. I hate skincare, beauty or hair products that have a strong smell. And while this is pretty distinct, I'd describe as just smelling fresh and clean. Also important, it didn't make my hair/scalp feel weird or gritty. Some others I've used leave a weird residue behind that sort of creeps me out. And did I mention it is super affordable? Yeah, even at New York prices.

So this will be staying in my personal stash, as well as in my professional kit. Good hair, thumbs up!