Wrapping Up Summer: An Update

So the past month has flown by! The start of summer had me a little on edge as I didn't have a lot on my calendar. I always get a little nervous not knowing where income will be coming from. Let's be honest. I love what I do, and freelancing is more rewarding that any regular day job can ever be. But it is stressful! Anyway, things just started falling into my lap, keeping me busy leading right into ending summer with a bang working like mad during Fashion Week. 


I'll have some photos to share soon from some of the shows I worked on, some beauty work, film, and look books here and there, along with some fabulous weddings I got to be a part of.  It's been a really wild last month, and I wouldn't trade it for anything. 

In the midst of all this, I have been working with a wonderful graphic designer on creating a mark for myself. I was inspired to get the ball rolling on this as I realized I haven't been proud to hand out a business card in over three years. YEARS. And with my two-year New York-iversary quickly approaching, I couldn't justify another bulk order of so-so cards "just for now." So I got in touch with graphic designer Nathan Black  to create something for me that was long overdue, that could stay with me for a long time. We worked together to go over what I had in my mind, what I wanted to represent me, and how he could utilize his skills and eye for detail to create that perfect look. I couldn't be happier to show it off, across all platforms of the web, social media, business cards, invoices, etc. I've already added it to my website, and cards are in the works as well. Check out Nathan's take on the process  (he sums it up much better than I), and be sure reach out to him if you have been considering taking yourself, your craft, and your business to the next level!