How to Wash Your Brushes in 36 Seconds or Less

So if you follow me on Instagram, you've probably noticed I am really loving Clean Brush. I went in blind a month or so ago and bought the 4 oz Rose Goat's Milk shampoo and the 4 oz Lemon Olive Oil. I love anything lemon, and anything rose. Lucky for me those are two of the scents available! I wanted to try out one of each option for formula comparison.

Fun fact: the Olive Oil one is vegan! Fun fact: the Goat's Milk is killer at brightening white fibre brushes! And best of all, these are all made with natural ingredients. No chemicalactisyphilochloridanicouside whatchamacallits all up in your brushes. So I fell in love instantly with these.

They make the task of washing brushes SO easy and fast. Like, stupid fast. Most makeup artists dread getting home from a job, knowing you need to go lean over the sink for ever getting all the grime out of your tools. Clean brush makes the process easier, and smell a lot nicer too. I just got my hands on some Eucalyptus Spearmint versions that are not for sale on the site. As soon as they arrived I broke those babies open to give my personal brushes a good clean. And thought I'd make a silly little video to show you just how awesome Clean Brush is! This is only the second video I have ever made, so forgive me. I'm a makeup artist, not a film maker! Enjoy!