Feature: Lindsey Jones Makeup Artistry is Hosting a Seminar!

Before I moved out to New York, I had connected via blogging and Facebook with a really sweet makeup artist named  Lindsey Jones. She was already established on the east coast, and I just got the best vibes from her right from the get-go. Fast forward to now and she is one of my most trusted makeup artist colleagues, biggest inspirations as a woman and in business, and one of my most wonderful friends. 

Lindsey Jones started out as a Civil Engineering major at SDSU and while studying abroad in Spain, accidently discovered a passion for makeup as she became the go-to for friends and locals. Since then, she has assisted some of the top makeup artists in the world, including Bobbi Brown and Jeanine Lobell. Her clientele includes celebrities, bloggers, brides-to-be, and the everyday woman. In her constant quest for knowledge and desire for growth, Lindsey recently took a drawing class to expand her skills as an artist, and was so moved by what she learned that she was inspired to host a seminar right here in NYC. When I heard about this, I just knew I had to sit down and talk to her about it.


Morgan: What prompted you to host a seminar, and how did you choose contouring as the topic?

Lindsey: I had signed up for a drawing class at The Art Students League of New York because I wanted to become a better makeup artist. I had assisted the best makeup artists in the world, I had seen the best of the best. I had it down. But I felt like I had plateaued and needed to shake things up.  The where and the why of placing your makeup is the hardest part. Once you understand that, the rest can be so easy. 

I was reading through this book The Human Figure by John H. Vanderpoel – it was extremely dense and hard to digest. And it just blew my mind. The studies that have been done on the face and its structures, and about shading, highlighting and capturing the light in just a line drawing… It impacted me so much I just thought “I have to get this out there.” It’s so much to take in though that I knew it couldn’t happen in something like a one-on-one lesson. I knew this needed a larger format.

I’ve never had intentions to host a workshop, but I was so deeply affected by what I had learned that I knew I had to get out there and spread the word. It affected me as a makeup artist and a person. So really, I didn’t choose contouring for my seminar topic, but the topic of contouring pushed me to want to host a seminar.

M: That makes sense. Can you tell me more about the benefits of a seminar vs. a one-on-one lesson?

L: Well for one thing, it’s going to be much less expensive. Makeup lessons with me are a minimum of two hours and they are $400. Or you can do an hour-long class for $80. It’s also going to be a good networking opportunity where you can meet these other great women who are attending. There will be so much good energy in that room, lots of learning, togetherness and community. It’s really going to be so much fun.


M: What is the format of the class going to be like?

L: I find that some of the best, most interesting seminars and workshops I’ve been to allow me to be so engrossed in the story they tell that I’m not getting lost in just a bunch of facts and theories. I want to take you on a journey through my experiences, how I came to learn things, and what that has ultimately led to. And through that we’ll discuss the actual structure of the skull & the shape of your face, both from a medical perspective as well as an artistic point of view. It’s so important to understand both. I’ll also be going over the LJMA ideals of beauty and what beauty means, and we’ll touch on actual technique too. Because like I said, if you understand the where and the why, the how to do it becomes easier to figure out.

M: Who can benefit from contouring? And would you say there’s difference to be learned about contouring for day vs. night?

L: Everyone can benefit from contouring. Every single person. Who isn’t going to look better with beautiful dimension in their face? The thing is, contour can be so beautiful and so subtle. You just have to know your face and how the light and shadow affects it. And daylight vs the light we perceive at night is totally different. You get to decide the depth of it and how it is going to enhance your beauty.

M: That is beautiful! So what kind of knowledge can attendees expect to walk away with?

L: A completely new way of seeing their own face, because they’ve never examined it the way I am going to make them examine it. Women don’t do that. When you work in makeup, you understand that. But most women don’t. Some do, and that’s great! But I want people in my class to really feel their face and understand what is there!  I have some really great tricks up my sleeve to show them exactly why light and dark work the way they do, and how to apply that to their own face and how they do their makeup. I can’t wait!

M: So once you understand the why & the where of it all, then comes the what & the how. When it comes to products, what is essential to achieving a great contour?

L: Definitely a neutral cream or powder slightly deeper than your skin tone, not too red or blue but mostly neutral/grey. Too warm-brown and it can look too red. And since shadows coming from light naturally have a cooler toned cast, a product with too much red will look too artificial. The warmer tones are going to come naturally from your skin. 

M: That makes perfect sense. So I’ve had a sneak peak at your contouring secrets but now I really want to know what your favorite products for yourself are.

L: Well my favorite is my contouring powder, obviously! I actually use Bobbi Brown’s Grey powder eyeshadow. I use it as a brow powder, eye shadow, contour, and as eyeliner with a damp brush. I’m all about multi-taskers! Other than that I really do love Bobbi Brown’s Corrector and Concealer, but I recently started using Tarte’s Creaseless Concealer and let me tell you it really does not crease! I love it. I contour first, then brighten under my eyes and conceal…I just go…[Lindsey then starts making tick-tock noises and motioning around her face and excitedly pointing to different areas]…done! Easy. Don’t write that. [Laughs as I tell her I’m totally going to narrate that entire demonstration] Okay write that! Oh and then blush. A good pinky blush. I’m wearing Dollface by Tarte lately. So contour product to shape, concealer to awaken and brighten, and blush to bring life into the face.


M: I love it. That’s about all I wanted to cover. Is there anything else you wanted to share?

L: Nope I think that’s it! See you at my seminar!

 For more information on Lindsey Jones' NYC seminar, "Beyond the Blush, The Contouring Makeup Seminar" please visit her website directly, and sign up at EventBrite! There are multiple dates to choose from in the coming months! 


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