A New Addition!

After a couple of years of toying with the idea of expanding my service offerings, I'm happy to announce I am finally doing just that! I have a new addition to my business. Not to be confused with the "Candy Girl" singing gents, New Edition, from the eighties! Such a good song...

Anyway! I am excited to now offer professional-grade cruelty-free skincare, cosmetics, and brushes directly to my clients! Limelight by Alcone has an amazing line of products that are loved and adored by the pro artist community, and are now available directly to you, from me. The culture of Limelight really aligns with everything I believe in as an artist, a woman, a human, and a boss babe! Read more about them here and more about why I decided to team up with them here.

As a professional makeup artist in San Diego, re-establishing my freelance business here after moving back from New York City, I'm so happy to be able to offer that missing piece that I always felt my clients were after: the products I use.  I offer a luxury service, why wasn't I meeting every need for people? Not anymore!

I'm also pleased to share that after many years of friends and family bugging me to start doing makeup tutorials online, I'm finally doing it! Taking my clean and effortless approach to everyday beauty, mixed in with my underlying desire for makeup to be fun, I will empower you to feel confident and beautiful with or without makeup. And I hope to arm you with the skills you need to step out into the world with an extra pep in your step every day. 

Please be sure to follow me on Instagram and on Facebook so you don't miss anything. I will be doing Facebook Live videos, and will be hosting an online launch event there soon. I'll also be focusing a lot more on private makeup lessons and hands-on group workshops.

Here is my first video! A demo for how to do a low-key cat eye using a liquid eye liner pen!

Feel free to leave me a comment below, or on Facebook, to let me know if you try my tips and how they end up working for you! And I'm always happy to take requests for future videos. Stay tuned for more!